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ATRIN's Pipeline

  • Atrin has developed a portfolio of small molecule drug candidates, with both ATR and other DNA Damage and Response mechanisms of action. 
  • Atrin’s products represent a new approach for treating many solid tumors that currently have limited or ineffective therapies, including breast, pancreatic, lung, ovarian and colon cancers.
  • The main limitation of existing cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy, is their unwanted side effects and toxicity. Atrin’s pipeline products all act systemically in the body, reducing ATR activity with remarkably high specificity, stalling the lifespan of cancer cells and causing them to self-destruct, while still projected to leave healthy tissues unaffected.  Atrin believes these differential advantages in potency and tolerability will make Atrin's products the best-in-class DDR products in the long run.
  • Atrin retains full ownership of all intellectual property related to our development-stage compounds.
ATRN-119 is Atrin's lead ATR inhibitor, a water soluble, orally bioavailable, highly potent and specific (to ATR) product with a potentially broad and differentiated therapeutic window and significantly reduced off-target effects versus other ATRi.


ATRN-119 is a novel, potentially best-in-class small molecule ATR inhibitor. Atrin plans to initiate a first-in-human trial with ATRN-119 in early 2022.  


Atrin has verified that ATRN-119 is synthetically lethal with oncogenic stress, defects in homologous recombination (HR) genes (BRCA and ATM), and is efficacious in vivo in preclinical animal models, causing tumor growth inhibition as a monotherapy and regression in combination with other agents.


In contrast with ATR inhibitors in clinical development, ATRN-119 has demonstrated a clearly differentiated tolerability profile across multiple species (mouse, rat, dogs), with negligible anemia or neutropenia at human equivalent doses of 1 gram per day. 


Results from IND-enabling toxicology studies – including 28 days of ATRN-119 in rats – demonstrated negligible hematological adverse effects up to a human equivalent dose (HED) of 1 gram/day. Dogs tolerated a HED of ATRN-119 of up to 830 mg/day, and showed rapid recovery from a MTD of HED 1.7g/day.


Atrin believes this best-in-class tolerability advantage, if confirmed and combined with enhanced potency and ATR selectivity in human trials, will result in ATRN-119 becoming the best-in-class ATRi for both monotherapy and combination therapy.

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